Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Neusiedlersee DAC tasting

The first official tasting since the introduction of the new Neusiedlersee DAC area in February/March 2012 attracted quite a big crow of #winelover-s. The tasting was perfectly organized by Wein Burgenland and all 4 DAC areas were featured in this tasting.

As I was mainly interested in the new Neusiedlersee DAC winey the tasting notes show just wines from this/my region. At Artisan Wines we didn't produce a Neusiedlersee DAC as the red wines of the vintage 2011 are still in their barrels waiting to be bottled this February.

Artisan Wines self set rule --> All reds need to stay in barrels for at least one year!

That kept us from making a Neusiedlersee. I'll skip the DAC in the future as no one says Barolo DOCG either. Back to the wines.
First of all I was interested what kind of wines my colleagues produced in this good vintage 2011 and even more important, is there a kind of common unique style and can a sense of place be tasted in the wines.

Zweigelt, in my personal opinion, should show flavors of cherries and sour cherries on the nose, with a smooth tannin structure and a juicy lingering finish. Not to high in alcohol as there is normally not enough tannin structure to carry this alcoholic weight and the wines get quite imbalanced very quickly.

The tasting showed some very good examples of this variety with all above mentioned attributes but on the down side was clearly that there was no common style. Within a range of 39 wines there were wines with clear sign of oak, no oak at all, moderate alcohol levels, super high alcohol levels (up to 14,5% abv!), super fruitf orward to kind of no fruit at all wines... short kind of all styles available.

The benefit for the consumer buying a DAC/DOC/AOC wine is clearly to get a wine showing a certain style no matter which producer is on the label. I.E. All Barolos may taste quite the similar for the average producer but they are clearly different from Barbarescos. I'm not sure if I am able to taste the difference between a Neusiedlersee to a Zweigelt from the thermal region. But I should be able according to the guidelines for a DAC wine in Austria. A clearly defined style might be very helpfull regarding this issue.

There is still some work ahead to sharpen the wine profile within the our region. Artisan Wines will produced a Neusiedlersee Reserve from the vintage 2011. I'm quite interested to taste this wine in comparison to the other Neusiedlersee Reserve wines. I hope that they have more in common than the Neusiedlersees I've tasted now. But on the other hand this was the first vintage and we will go further step by step ;-)

Note: All wines were tasted open in a rather loud and hectic environment. Only wines rated "Good/Very Good" or higher are listed here.
s/s ... stainless steel

1. Weingut Maria Heiss - very good - 12.5% abv, fermentation s/s, maturation big barrels
fruity, fresh cherries, soft tannin structure, very balanced, good length, a nice typical Zweigelt.

2. Alexander Koppitsch - very good - 13% abv, fermentation vats, maturation s/s
cherry fruity, grainy structure, good balance btw acid and tannins, interesting and complex, lingering.

3. Weingut Loos - good/very good - 13.5% abv, fermentation s/s, maturation s/s
fruity, cherries with hints of red berries, soft tannin structure, lingering.

4. Weingut Temer - very good - 13% abv, fermentation s/s, maturation s/s
pure cherry flavors upfront, fruity, very soft, good tannin structure, lingering.

5. Weingut Wegleitner - good/very good - 13% abv, fermentation s/s, maturation 3/4/5 times used barriques
very typical flavor profile, cherries, fruity, bit CO2 on the palate, good lingering tannins.

6. Weingut Wendelin - very good - 13%abv, fermentation s/s, maturation s/s
very fruit forward, pure cherry flavors, soft tannin structure, lingering.

7. Weingut Fam. Ziniel - very good - 13%abv, fermentation s/s, maturation s/s
super cherry fruity, typical style, lingering, soft tannin structure, very nice.

As always the tasting notes and ratings reflect the personal opinion of the author. Other opinions might differ as we all taste differently!

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Prinz von Hessen tasting

Prinz von Hessen tasting - Wein&Co internal tasting

All wines were tasted open accompanied by a presentation by Dr. Kiefer, MD and technical director of Prinz Von Hessen.

1. H-Riesling 2011 - g 
CO2 visible, bright yellow hue, fruit forward with upfront mineral touch, good balance btw acid and RS, half dry, lingering and easy drinking.

2. Riesling Kabinett 2010 - vg
Very german style, bit darker yellow hue, apricots but definitely more mineral driven, flinty, (8 g/l TA), more serious, bit gun smoke, very good acid structure, lingering.

3. Riesling Johannisberger Klaus Erstes Gewächs 2010 - ok
Bright yellow hue, some strange mix of tutti fruity aromas and tannins on the nose, quite high acid structure with little power on mid palate, maybe not a perfect bottle

3a. Riesling Johannisberger Klaus Erstes Gewächs 2009 - vg 
Middle yellow hue, hints of cork taint, second bottle much better, mineral driven, hints of yellow peaches, lingering, very good acid structure, still very young, need time

4. Riesling Dachsfilet 2010 - g 
Middle hello hue, hints of pears and quinces, good balance on the palate, hints of tannins as well, fresh, with 2010 all wines with screwcap, with more air good flinty ness, but quite zingy in the finish, 

5. Riesling Dachsfilet 2009 g/vg 
Middle yellow hue, ripe peaches, still very fresh, more weight on the palate, bit restrained but changing with air, lower acid and more balance on palate

6. Riesling Dachsfilet 2008 - vg/del 
Bright yellow hue, very fresh, peaches, focused Riesling style, very precise and perfectly matured without any sign of age, mineral driven, very lingering and multilayered.

7. Riesling Dachsfilet 2007 ok/g 
Dark yellow hue, Petrol notes in the beginning, 100% skin fermentation, rather matured, combo of tannins and age on the palate dominant, bit harsh,

8. Riesling Auslese Winkeler Hasensprung 1990 - g 
Golden hello hue, some light hints of petrol, nice ripe style, good balance, bit short, bit caramel, bit restrained,

9. Riesling Eiswein Johannisberger Klaus 1985 - del/ext 
Golden red hue, acacia honey, perfectly matured, bees wax, hints of mushrooms (Herrenpilz), very good balancing acid structure, (14 !! g/l TA), chocolate, dry dates, caramel, smokey, extremely lingering on the palate due to RS and acid. With more air and time warm skiing wax ... cool!

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Sandgrube 13

Sandgrube 13 GV 2010 Edition Chremisa - g
Middle yellow hue, quinces and some herbal spice upfront, maybe a touch too high acid backbone, but acid gives nice length, quite fulbodied, would be a pleasant food companion.

Sandgrube 13 Zweigelt 2009 Edition Chremisa - g/vg
Dark cherries and sour cherries, nice and soft palate, very balanced, oak very well integrated, velvety tannins, a tick tool much acohol, but just chill the wine a bit and this would be very good.

Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

My birthday wines

Danie de Wet Sauvignon Blanc 2011 - g/vg
Fresh cut green grass, gooseberries, hints of mangos, pungent green flavors on the palate, refreshing and light, perfect on a summer day.

Ewald Gruber Weinviertel DAC Reserve 2010 - vg
Fruit forward and spicy, quinces and pears, nice balanced acid structure, lingering, subtle oak gives extra length but not detectable on the nose, fulbodied at just 13% abv.

Las Moras Black Label Cabernet-Cabernet 2009 - g/vg
Very dark black hue, Super fruity, Cassis upfront, high alcohol shines through the fruit, red berries, super concentrated oak spice on the palate, manufactured wine but well made, lacks sense of place, lingering. With more air overripe flavs coming through,

Weingut Netzl Edles Tal 2009 - cork
Dark purple red, cork!

Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Wines of the vintage 2011 in Halbturn

1. Etl g - 16
Fresh and spicy, green apple, lemon lime flavs, nice acid structure, some hints of reduction
in the aftertaste, some cold fermentation flavs
2. Thury ok - ow
Quite neutral on the nose, yellow apples, balanced palate, with more air, hints of pears
3. Artisan Wines g/vg - 17,5
Fruit forward, yellow apples and hay, intense, very good acid structure, lingering, with more air very expressive palate
4. Groesz g - 17,5
fruity, lemon lime, spicy, very good acid backbone, maybe a bit to much acid, lingering, with more air some hints of gherkins
5. Tischler Ok/g - 16,5
yellow apples, grapefruit, quite high acid structure, but not lingering,
6. Kiss Still ok ow
bit high thiol content, hubba bubba, hints of acetic acid, maybe very cold fermentation,
7. Etl g - 16
strange Schnitzel aroma upfront, with more air nice green apple, fulbodied, balanced.

8. Tischler Ok/g - 17
Bit restrained, with more air nuts, full-bodied, like this Australian yeast, hints of reduction, rather high alc, some tannins detectable
9. Kiss Ok - 17
Pure banana, cold fermentation flavors, quite one dimensional but intense, no varietal aroma,
10. Pitzer Ok - ow
discreet nuttiness, hits of reduction, lacks some acid backbone, strange,
11. Groesz G/vg - 17,5
Fruit forward, intense and creamy, walnuts, quinces, pleasant, balanced, lingering
12. Etl Ok - 17
hints of wet paper, restrained, rather high acid structure but shows minerality, hints of cold Fermentation flavors, hints of bitterness,
13. Tischler Ok - ow
not perfectly clean, hints of gherkins, rather high acid structure, unbalanced, definitely some reduction aroma

Sauvignon Blanc
14. Thury G - Ow
gooseberries, green apples, intense, same aroma on the palate, lingering, green hints, bell pepper, cold tea
15. Artisan Wines vg - 17
lychee, exotic hints, complex, mix of green and exotic flavors, lingering, super intense,

16. Tischler G - 17
Strawberry yoghurt, balanced, intense, good, refreshing

17. Kiss Ok - 16
Nice collier, could be more upfront, discreet pears, quinces, super high CO2 content,
3 gram RS

Sankt Laurent
18. Groesz G/vg - 17,5
Fruity, intense sour cherries, hints of chocolate, very balanced, lingering, blackberries, some mushrooms, intense,

19. Etl G - 18
MLF aroma, super dark, bit undefined aroma, could be any variety, CO2 on the palate, very young, strong

20. Artisan Wines - g 17
Bit dusty, cherries, CO2 on the palate, nice, hints of reduction, needs time, very young, lingering

Pinot Noir
21. Tischler yech 17,5
Very reductive, sulfur components, rubber,

22. Tischler Ok - 17,5
Very dark, powering alc, hints of reduction, very high alc, no real fruit, reductive, marmalade, drying,

23. Groesz G - 16,5
Fruity, intense, cherries, quite typical, fruity on the palate, powerful, lingering,

24. Perschy G - 18
Dark chocolate, hints of reduction, chocolate, lingering, powerful,

25. Kiss Still ok - 16,5
Cherries, hints of oxidation, alc on the nose,

26. Artisan Wines Vg - 16
Fruit forward, cherries, straightforward, light and easy drinking, typical

27. Groesz Vg - 17,5
Fruity, cherries, very fruity on the palate, very classy, pure Zweigelt, cassis,

28. Artisan Wines 2 vg - 17,5
Fruity, cherries, smooth, lingering, ready, Super fruity on the palate

29. Thury Vg - 18
Dark, super cherry flavor, fruit forward, some harsh tannins, needs time

30. Pitzer G - ow
Strange smell, oaky, hints of yeast, very smooth, lingering, ripe bananas, vanilla, on the edge of oxidation, cassis and eucalyptus, changes immensely very air, potential

31. Kiss G - 16
bit restrained, oaky, fruit overpowered, smooth tannins, lingering, good,

32. Perschy Vg - 18,5
Bit restrained, over ripeness, very smooth and soft, lingering and very powerful,

33. Pitzer Vg - 16
Powerful, dense color, oak, fruity, very fruity on the palate, bit young, CO2 on the palate,

34.Tischler 2 Ok/g - 17,5
Dark red, bit reductive, rubber, needs air, smooth tannins, lingering, young, CO2, with more air dark cherries

35. Kiss Ok - 17
Hints of overripe ness, dark cherries, powidl, high alc, smooth tannins but alcoholic touch n the finish, hints of oak in the aftertaste

36. Tischler 1 G - 17,5
Reductive, needs time, tannins, vanilla, CO2 on the palate, lingering, very young,

37. Groesz Ok - 17
Very dark, super young, bit MLF, CO2 on the palate, needs time, no real fruit, stinks a bit

38. Tischler 1 G - 18
Vanilla, bit CO2 on the nose, very dark, CO2 on the palate

39. Pitzer Vg - 18,5
Oaky, smooth vanilla flavor, sweet touch, quite ready, new world style, super soft, very modern, oaky sweet finish

40. Tischler G - 17
MLF touch, reductive, very smooth tannins, opens up with more air, but will be a quite typical style,

41. Kiss Ok - 16
Restrained, bitter flavors, hints of acetic,

42. Etl G - 16
Fruity, berries, nice acid structure lingering, CO2 on the palate, very young,

43. Thury Yech - ow
Oxidative, not rating possible, juicy tannins,

44. Pitzer Vg - 18
Hints of bread, juicy, nice and fruit forward, dark cherries, hints of olives lingering

45. Pitzer Vg - 18
Dark chocolate, smooth tannins, hints of vanilla, American oak, very smooth, lingering, quite powerful,

Cabernet Sauvignon
46. Thury g - 18
Iodine, salt, hints of green flavs,

Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

Mum's birthday wines

1. Keringer Welschriesling 2011 - good
Fresh and fruit forward, cold fermentation flavours, Sauvignon Blanc aroma, exotic, passion fruit, limes, maracuja, green grass, lingering, displays strong SB aroma, difficult to recognize as WR.

2. La Motte Sauvignon Blanc 2009 - ok
Matured, not bad, maybe 2010, shows clear ageing signs on the palate, still nice acid structure, hints of green grass, bell pepper, lingering.

3. Birgit Braunstein Leithaberg DAC 2008 - g/vg
Middle red hue, red berries, black pepper, fruity, bit lighter style, new style BF, good balance btw acid and tannins, juicy, lingering, velvety finish.

4. Altenburger Joiser Reben 2008 - vg(ZW/BF/ME)
Dark red hue, ruby port, rumtopf, not as fruity as 3., very velvety, hints of overripeness, blend, more full bodied, oak toasting detectable, lingering, quite a decent amount of oak.

5. Unger Capello 2003 - vg (BF/ZW/ME, just new oak)
Dark red hue, ripe and juicy, dark cherries, perfumed, meaty, pickled red cherries, cassis, juicy tannins, lingering, hints of pleasant bitterness, fulbodied, lingering.

6. Umathum Haideboden 2006 - vg
Not perfectly clear, maybe unfiltered, marjoram, toasty oakiness, very pleasant, Blood sausage, meaty, low acidity, spicy, lingering. On peak now. Will decline.

7. Lentsch BF Hofoertl 2007 - vg
Fruity, spicy, ripe, perfect now, bit stinky, super soft tannins, but nice acid structure, lingering.

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Blind tasting with friends

1. Stefanshof Mein Veltliner 2011 - good
Pale yellow hue, shows CO2 in the beginning, discreet notes of citrus fruits, hints of
Eiszyuckerl, bit covered aroma on the palate, tannins detectable, light and easy drinking.

2. Stefanshof Welschriesling 2011 - good
Middle yellow hue, subtle aroma of nuts and white pepper, some cold fermentation flavours, lemon lime aromas, nicely lively acid structure,

3. Stefanshof Chardonnay 2011 - ok/good
CO2 visible, middle yellow hue, very subdued aroma in the beginning, some flinty ness underneath, with more air some fermentation flavours, same flavours on the palate, nice acid structure, bit one dimensional, no chance to get the variety.

4. Lipizzaner Weinverbund GmbH Cuvée Weiss 2011 - ok/good
CO2 visible, middle yellow hue, white flowers, bit bee wax, somewhat of a mismatch btw acid and RS, hints of walnuts, unripe honey melon,

5. Stefanshof Spaetlese Cuvée Premium 2009 - ok
Light golden hue, honey, fig marmalade, orange zest, off-dry, lacks a bit acid backbone, somewhat plump,

6. Stefanshof Blauer Zweigelt 2009 - good
Middle red hue with purple reflexions, sour cherries, nice cherry red fruit character, fruity, with more air some hints of over ripeness, same over ripeness on the palate, very round, bit to much RS,

7. Stefanshof Blauer Zweigelt 2009 - good (gleicher Wein lt Prüfnummer, andere Etikette)
Middle red with purple reflexions, pronounced sour cherries, quite round but bit alcoholic finish, lingering, lacks a bit of acid structure.

8. Stefanshof Zweigelt Classic 2009 - vg
Dark red hue, purple rim, pleasantly bitter flavours upfront, Rose hip, some black berries and ripe red berries, good tannin structure, lingering. (first thought of Merlot, flavour profile definitely shows no Zweigelt cherries)

9. Blaufraenkisch Classic 2009 - ok
Very dark red hue, no really defined flavours, bitter on the palate, quite high alc, no sign of any variety, tannins and acid are here no friends,

10. Hillinger Flat Lake Zweigelt 2009 - ok/good
Dark red hue, some pickled red fruits, rumtopf, bit high alc detectable on the palate, somewhat cooked, soft tannins, lingering.

11. Hillinger Rotweincuvee Burgenland 2010 - ok/good
Dark red hue, sour cherries, quite good acid backbone, juicy tannins, lingering,

12. Flat Lake Top Limitation Gold 2008 - ok
Middle red hue, bit undefined fruits on the nose, porty notes with hefty alc grip on the palate, short.

13. Flat Lake Premium Selection 2009 - ok
Dark red hue, purple rim, somewhat cooked undefined flavours, high alc on the nose, too much alc on the palate, powerfull but boring, short.

14. Stefanshof Sternstund 2009 - g (blend of ME/CS)
Fruity, sour cherries, vannilla from American oak, round, bit too less acidity therefor alc on palate, lingering and consumer orientated produced.

15. Stefanshof Rotes Cuvée 2009 - g
Middle red hue, fruity, red berries, light and funny in style, off-dry, lingering and easy drinking.